Incentive weekend in Vilnius

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Incentive weekend in Vilnius
Why Vilnius?
New discoveries – Vilnius is a new and undiscovered destination;
Safe and friendly destination;
Value for money – Vilnius is very competitive city comparing to other European destinations.
Day 1: Welcome
Meet & Greet at airport and transfer to hotel of choice.
Vilnius city tour and cocktail
Vilnius is a city with one of the biggest and most charming Old Towns in Europe. At the end of tour we invite you
to the Skybar to enjoy cocktail with the breathtaking view over Vilnius.
Evening - Dinner at local tavern with “Cepelinai” show
We invite you to enjoy Lithuanian hospitality at very local tavern in Vilnius and see authentic program –
“Cepelinai” show. Restaurant owner will tell you about Lithuanian culinary heritage. Everyone will have a change
to make your own piece of “Cepelinas” and taste local drinks.
Day 2: Vilnius – Trakai
Morning - Ballooning
Lithuania is lucky having a possibility to fly over Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, with hot air balloon. Sightseeing
Vilnius from a balloon is one of the most spectacular things to do in Lithuania.
Afternoon – modern Lithuanian cuisine
Lunch at the restaurant Lauro Lapas. A brave new venture by two young local chefs promising both quality and
innovation, Lauro Lapas offers a limited choice of à la carte dining plus dishes from a daily specials menu.
Evening – event in Trakai castle
Medieval feast in Trakai castle is a perfect way to celebrate royally. So let’s take a trip back in time... Trakai is a
small town just 25 km from Vilnius, famous for insular Castle on the lake Galvė dating back to XV century. We
offer exclusive oportunity to have private event at Trakai castle.
Day 3: Shopping in style
Meeting with designer Julia Janus. Lithuania is known for worldwide famous designers, like J.Statkevicius, J.
Zilienene, R.Piekataute, G.Sarkauskas. You will have a chance to meet designer Julia Janus and to become a model
for a couple hours.

Transfer to airport for flights home.

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