Meetings & Events

  • Merchant’s club – combination of business innovations and tradition right in the heart of Vilnius
    Location: city centre
    Reception: 250 delegates
    Banquet: 150 delegates

  • Vilnius town hall – excellent for a top level formal celebration
    Location: Vilnius Old town
    Reception: 500 delegates
    Banquet: 150 delegates

  • Harmony Park – a place where unspoiled nature and active recreation meets modern comfort
    Location: 98 km from Vilnius
    Number of meeting rooms: 6
    Max delegates capacity: 590
    Max delegates accommodation for 170 


  • Trakai Castle – a unique romantic location
    Location: 28 km from Vilnius
    Reception: 150 delegates
    Banquet: 50 delegates

  • Vilnius TV tower – a great venue high in the sky (165 m)
    Location: 6 km from Vilnius city centre
    Reception: 160 delegates
    Banquet: 145 delegates

  • Litexpo – the largest exhibition and convention centre in the Baltic States (nereikia tasko po States)
    Location: 5 km from Vilnius centre
    Number of meeting rooms: 11
    Biggest hall – 1800 seats
    Max delegates capacity: 3000