Meetings & Events

  • Splendid Palace is a film theatre.
    Object type: halls with stage and seats
    Square (m2): 423 m2
    Max guests: 557
    Location: Riga City Center


  • Riga Art Space - the most beautiful art exhibition hall in Riga
    Location: Old Town
    Exposition hall
    Square (m2) 1500 m2
    Max guests 1300


  • The Big Guildwas the merchants brotherhood of Rīga.
    Location: Riga Old Town
    Banquet: 350 guests


  • Kipsala International Exposition Centre is the largest in the Baltics
    Location: Riga City
    Banquet: 5100 guests
    Reception: 250 guests


  • The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation 
    Location: Riga Old Town
    Banquet: 100 guests


  • Riga Blackheads – a medieval guild building
    Location: Riga Old town
    Reception: 500 delegates
    Banquet: 150 delegates

  • Rundale Palace – the most outstanding baroque place in the region
    Location: 80 km from Riga
    Reception: 200 delegates
    Banquet: 100 delegates

  • Small Guild – a great convention place in the Old Riga
    Location: Riga Old Town
    Reception: 400 delegates
    Banquet: 100 delegates

  • Glass Hall of Bergs Hotel a fancy venue with a picturesque view to the Old Riga
    Location: Riga business centre
    Reception: 120 delegates
    Banquet: 40 delegates

  • Events in Riga

    Latvian society House – one of the biggest convention places in Riga’s centre.
    Location: Riga Old Town
    Reception: 600 delegates
    Banquet: 200 delegates