Lithuanian sauna traditions

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Our objective is to qualitatively present Lithuanian (Baltic) bath and its procedures to tourists visiting Lithuania. We would like to introduce our guests to the history of Lithuanian bath, its peculiarities and traditions. Guests will be shown the process of preparation, they‘ll learn how to make besoms out of different trees and plants and we‘ll explain their purposes. The guests can be presented with different kinds of Lithuanian baths – black or smoke, white, most archaic underground steam bath and baths of different Lithuanian ethnic regions.
The Use of Steam Bath
Steam bath is the best way to get rid of toxins, rejuvenate skin, clean skin pores, relax nervous system and to get back good mood. Contrastic procedures in a steam bath give possibility to train skin bloodvessels: they expand in hot and contract in cold. This way the organism gets strengthened. One leaves the day‘s misery and soul‘s dregs.


Bathing Procedure
  • For the very start we offer an attractive story about Lithuanian steam house traditions, enjoy drinks, herbal tea from a pot of over 100 years old.
  • The first group going in to a steam room: calming down, concentration, traditional bath ritual that unites everyone and lets get used to a bath. The first steam, pleasant and light...
  • Second going in: aromatherapy using natural ether oils. All body sking peeling with salt, salt and soda mix. Sweating stimulation – second steam. After that we enjoy herbal tea and rejuvenated skin.
  • Third going in – using besom flogging. We‘ll tell about the kinds of besoms (male, female, etc.). Guests will feel the aroma of besoms. Group flogging.
  • Fourth going in: individual flogging of whole body with several kinds of besoms.
  • Individual procedures if chosen: whole body mask, shredded conker mask for the whole body, coffee grounds massage, chocolate mask for the whole body, etc.
  • Also during bathing procedure we could present „culinary heritage of Lithuanian steam house“: nonalcoholic beverages, sap, kvass, sour buttermilk, herbal teas, different kinds of cheese, honey, etc.
Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Number of people: 5 - 25
Lithuanian Sauna experience
real Lithuanian sauna
Lithuanian sauna incentive