Ice Curling Event

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With training and encouragement from our instructors, curling provides an outstanding setting for team-building event.

Winter season is coming and most of activities have to be placed indoors. We want to suggest to think about ice curling event.

Curling is an interactive sport, and covers a range of experiences: leadership, communication, trust and decision making. Ice curling is a team activity where your colleagues can learn the basics of throwing, sweeping and skipping (strategy).

Events are scheduled for approximately 2.5 hours and include:
1. General introduction speech and short video (15 min)
2. Warm-up exercises and entering the ice discussion (15 min)
3. On-ice instruction on how to play the game; delivering the stone, sweeping and strategy (50 min)
4. Team formation and play of a 2-end competitive game  (45 min)

All that you need to bring in order to participate are warm loose fitting clothes, a clean pair of shoes and, gloves. We will provide all necessary equipment to participate including stones, brooms and teflon shoe sliders.

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