Challenges at medieval Cesis caslte

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It is the year 1526 – the golden age of the Livonian Order's Castle at Cesis. We invite you to take a trip back in time and take part in a reception hosted by the most famous Master of the Livonian Order, Volter fon Pletenberg. You will be welcomed at the Castle gates by the Master most trusted servant – his Secretary. He will accompany you to the Castle garden where his task will be to discover which one of you will become the vassal by testing your bravery, agility and success.

When the candidate to be the new vassal has been chosen, the Secretary will guide you to the Castle. Having climbed up the winding stairs of the Castle tower, you will arrive at one of the Castle's most beautiful rooms - the Master's residential and working abode.

Here you will be greeted by the Master of Livonian Order. The ceremony will be held marking the inauguration of the new vassal, in which the new vassal will receive a liege's book and ring as certification of the relationship between the vassal and his Master. The Master will ask the new vassal to invite everybody to a medieval feast prepared by the Castle's servants, which will be hosted to the accompaniment of music in the Castle's lancet hall.