Incentive ideas

  • PanCars Rally – the trendiest activity in the Baltics. While driving one of Fiats you will feel positive emotions, a lot of attention, smiles and admiration. 

  • Latvian Balsam tasting


    “Get in touch with the black magic - Latvian balsam tasting”

  • We invite you to come in Riga and enjoy a sailing on ICE! 

  • This is real Olympic standard bobsleigh run and used on the international bobsled tour. 

  • Come and be inspired for chocolate story of love!

  • Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people. 

  • Prepare your self for a day full of adventure, histrory, and games in Cesis caslte. The Cesis castle complex offers different possibilities to introduce with Latvian history in romantic atmosphere, getting everyone involved through role-playing, music, meals.

  • A 2 hour bike ride will take you to one of the best beaches in Latvia – Jurmala.

  • Ligatne super secret bunker appears to be set in a time-warp as it remains virtually untouched from Soviet times, and provides a full Soviet experience.

  • Don’t miss an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful Baroque palaces in Europe – the Rundale Palace. After a special reception following traditions of 18th century, the Courtiers will show you the private and state apartments of the Palace and invite you to the Marble Hall for a concert.

  • You will experience an atmosphere of Riga Central Market, chat with the friendly local people and taste Latvian specialties. Our guide will show you a charming new side of Riga hidden from foreigners.

  • It is said that New York has only two Art Nouveau buildings. Riga has seven hundred and fifty. Let’s discovere Riga’s Art Nouveau district from outside and inside.