Destination overview

About Estonia

Medieval cities, unspoiled wilderness, centuries-old manor houses and rugged coastlines – these are just a few of the attractions that have helped make Estonia one of the fastest-growing conference destinations in Europe. Located in a corner of the continent that will be completely new to most delegates, this dynamic, little country offers a range of fresh experiences, everything from visiting traditional villages to exploring mysterious peat bogs to taking seaside strolls under the light of the white nights.


The state language: Estonian.
The majority speaks English and Russian, Finnish.

Largest cities

Tallinn (414,353)
Tartu (103,284)



TAXES: VAT = 14 %

Capital Tallinn

Tallinn– the capital city and UNESCO Heritage sight. One of the most completely preserved Medieval towns in Europe Tallinn population – 407 000 people. The oldest capital in Northern Europe. City walls, towers and churches date back as far as the 13th century. Wide range of 2- to 5-star hotels within walking distance of main venues 7,650 hotel rooms in total Major hotels are all either newly built or newly renovated. It's hard to find a guest room or conference room that's more than five years old. Venues off the beaten track are widely available all around Estonia too.


Why Tallinn?

  • Tallinn – European Capital of Culture in 2011;
  • Compact – thanks to its small size and compact layout, Tallinn is extremely easy to get around;
  • Unique event venues;
  • Brand new hotel facilities;
  • Free wireless internet is a human right.